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I just gave 5 stars to Land Developers Austin! http://t.co/0XYRJJxQ

RT @AustinGCUC: Hope to see you there! RT @mateusz: I hope I’ll go to @AustinGCUC with #webmission and others. #coworking

I need an IOS and Android app developer, just realized what the killer app will be for Google+

cq cq @waulok @bradaus Brad the Aussie says you can help w an android/ios app… it will be *the killer app* for google plus… over

RT @moon: Andy Rooney has died, age 92

Join me at “Big Ass Social Happy Hour (BASHH)” on Nov 17th. RSVP at http://t.co/837wUHq9 #BASHH #twvt

I’ve made plans for Visualizing Data, Google Fusion Tables, and You http://t.co/uVyOw8kT

room for rent at the Spring Lodge in Cedar Creek, Bastrop County, TX about 15 minutes east of the airport: http://t.co/tfRTatUe

I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/FOPR6tki Springnet 496 - Texas Book Festival 2011 - Juan Williams - 2

Thre’s no audio there right now but that’s ok (@YouTube http://t.co/pCARQl4f)